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  • Bio Miljaar!

    Kik: Madnessisthemedicine

    Used to not want people to have it, but as the nights have grown lonelier and filled with sorrow, I have decided to place it here, in the hope someone will release me from this dreadful sense of being alone.

    Also, I should clean this mess. But I won't. Because I'm really fucking lazy. So instead of that, I shall just write above my old bio.

    New/Old bio border
    No man's land. Actually new. Wrote it just now. Tja.

    Friend list:
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    Real friend list which totally isn't a list of old fashioned Dutch names at all:
    Other Jan
    Other other Jan
    Another Jan
    Small Jan
    Big Jan

    Favourite replies to a post:
    Check out this Discussion post on Fandom

    My favourite faction is Flowers of Pock-Lips.
    NCR and proud.

    Added some emojis, because I finally can!

    📰Founder of Trending Today

    Member of The Interruptors Clan
    Don't ask.

    🔋I just love Mr. House.

    🔌You don't see them raiding hospitals to cart away Auto-Docs or armfuls of prosthetic organs. No, they greatly prefer the sort of technology that puts people in hospitals. Or graves, rather, since hospitals went the way of the Dodo.

    We're talking about a coterie of bulging-eyed fanatics who think all Pre-War technology belongs to them.

    Because they're ridiculous! Because they galavant around the Mojave pretending to be Knights of Yore. The world has no use for emotionally unstable techno-fetishists. Just wipe them out, will you!

    🃏"Remembering's dangerous. I find the past such a worrying, anxious place. "The Past Tense," I suppose you'd call it.

    Memory's so treacherous. One moment you're lost in a carnival of delights, with poignant childhood aromas, the flashing neon of puberty, all that sentimental candy-floss...

    the next, it leads you somewhere you don't want to go. Somewhere dark and cold, filled with the damp ambiguous shapes of things you'd hoped were forgotten.

    Memories can be vile, repulsive little brutes. Like children I suppose.

    But can we live without them? Memories are what our reason is based upon. If we can't face them, we deny reason itself! Although, why not? We aren't contractually tied down to rationality! There is no sanity clause!

    So when you find yourself locked onto an unpleasant train of thought, heading for the places in your past where the screaming is unbearable, remember there's always madness.

    Madness is the emergency exit…

    You can just step outside, and close the door on all those dreadful things that happened. You can lock them away… forever.."

    The Golden Mod Rule:
    Read the description.

    And have a failsave. Just in case.

    🍹Nuka Cola. Ah. Take a nuke. Not literally please. We need those. Don't wanna lose one again. The previous time we did, it ended with a big boom.

    Beneath you'll see a collection of links I've put there over time. Beneath that there's more bullshit like above this. Enjoy!

    🃏The Music of Life

    🍵The Mugsic of Life

    🍵Professional Muggy Lover



    🍵Gary vs Muggy rap

    🍵CollinTheCourier, Yancyoftheforged, Li Mystic Spectre, Ghost, Bluestagg, Blast Mystery, UrbanAnge1, NCR Courier 4 Life, Wanderer215 a.k.a. Muggy215, A dragon knight, Nifty flamingo and GarryT are fellow Muggy Lovers.

    Oh, and now there's a lot followers of Muggianity too...

    📃Most horrible people on the Wiki:📃

    Llg mystic spectre (see Arthur Maxson)
    📁Nick Valentine synth detective


    I mean, he's a detective, I'll need a proper case.📁


    📃Check out this post @Wikia:
    ^Gonna need this if I decide to start a vote about revoking his moderator rights📃



    Check out this Discussion post on Fandom

    Wastelander Joe>Wasteland Joe

    PC is better, console is easier.

    Oh, here, my Amino account, where I'm sometimes active. Fun little place. Just too on topic.



    🃏Joker build made by GMan1000🃏

    Really appreciate it

    🔫Favourite companion is Boone. Not that stupid police officer they keep sending me to on the Wikia, but the cool NCR 1st Recon guy. Craig. Yes unnamed Great Khan guy, I know I'm travelling with a fucking murderer.🔫

    '35 is basically 60'
    The Swedian, 2016

    Swedians and their weird counting

    Panckakes are life made me do this. And I happily obliged.

    I also like Cicero. Too bad he isn't in Fallout. Fallout needs more psychopathic companions. I think I'll just wait for Nuka World.

    That Gage guy was not psychotic enough :(

    You can call me NewRGI. Or RGI. Or New. I'd prefer the first two options. The third is fine as well. Just. Less fine.

    My favourite rule:
    Off-topic discussions are allowed and are the norm. Discussion is not limited to the Fallout series, and users should not demand a change in subject matter as this may constitute disrupting chat.

    Take that, 'Oh no that's off topic' people.

    I'm just putting this here because I spent too much time of my life writing this to have it dissapear with thousands of other posts.
    My Fallout experiences story

    My weird 666th post story about a Ghoul with a stupid accent

    PS4 mods/DLC release dates

    DLCs with trailers

    You probably thought I was going to say something like:

    'Why are you down here?'

    But, no, I won't. Okay, I sort of just did that. But I have some more random stuff down here, so here you go!

    Eh... interesting stuff about me... um... well, I like... stuff.

    Like Muggy, the Joker, Iknik Blackstone Varrick (my old profile picture), Lambik(the bald guy in my current profile picture) . And, um, Fallout is pretty okayish too I guess. Fairly enjoyed playing them.

    Biggest Fallout Wikia achievement:
    I once got 3 highest trending posts. Given, one of them had 2 upvotes and another 3, but the last one got 39 of them. Back in the days when getting trending was sort of an achievement.

    I probably sound really pathetic here.

    I still think probaply should be spelled propably. Screw you, Word spelling checker.

    ~10 days after I said that
    I realised it is actually probably. I feel stupid now.

    It annoys me when people change their profile picture. I usually associate people with their profile picture. So when people change it, I get confused. Yes, I'm talking to you, Jack.

    Thank you, Urban. Oh, come on, not you too!

    Sue is not very nice, that's why I shot her twice. Yes Twan, I stole that from you. I like the quote. All hail Griswold. Now you're gone...

    Putting this here so I can find it back easier. Without having to look for a moderator's post.

    If you read this, please reply with: "Dr. 0 is a loser" on my next post. Thanks.

    I planned on having a one-sentence bio. I failed miserably.

    Proffesional cheapskate.

    I don't see the use in bio's. I mean, look at mine, it's pure chaos.

    If I make a spelling/grammatica mistake I'll just use the fact that I'm not a native English speaker as excuse.

    Wie dit leest is dom.

    Grapje. Als je dit leest, spreek je waarschijnlijk minstens twee talen.
    Wat je relatief best slim maakt.

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